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    " When parents call me to get help for their child, parents are usually thinking "tutoring".  Parents will usually discuss problems in reading, spelling etc.  However, Sometimes  processing skill issues must be addressed before academic training can be truly effective". 

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ActyBrain's  BRAIN GYM

    In order for students to learn and figure out school tasks, it is essential that they process every piece of information and sensory information given to them.  Groups of neurons need to work together for the brain to process information quickly and effectively.  However, for some students learning and or reading can become a difficult, frustrating task and unrewarding process.  Until recently, parents and students have used tutoring to solve fundamental learning problems. 

  We all know how science and technology have revolutionized our lives in the last fifteen years.  This revolution is now impacting the field of education (by providing new information about the way we learn).  The latest research indicates that BRAIN TRAINING can improve the way students learn and think.

Cognitive training helps  students learn, read and think faster and easier!!

Processing skills are those fundamental abilities needed for learning such as: memory, attention, focus, executive function skills (organization and planning) and reasoning.

    ActyBrain  provides a unique combination of cutting-edge technology,  and one on one instruction to provide intense mental work outs.  Our brain gym strengthens and rewires the brain so the brain can process information more effectively  and faster than before.  Research shows that higher cognitive process increase memory and attention, even IQ.

  HOME SOLUTIONS PROGRAM available.  (At home without having to travel).

Brain Training vs. Tutoring:

    Tutoring is reviewing or reteaching the material that the child does not understand.  Problems will resurface because the root  of the problem has not been addressed.

Brain Training addresses the root of the problem (cognitive, auditory or visual processes).  A specific work out program will be designed to retrain the student's brain to read and learn and think easier.

    Now, there is a new and unique way to approach learning and memory problems!  Thanks  to new advances in Neuroplasticity, (the brain's  the ability of the brain to change itself) parents with children who struggle with school and homework or suffer from a wide range of neurological and motor impairments, such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Dyslexia, Sensory Integration Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder have a renewed hope because neuroplasticity  is now scientific fact. 

   Neuroscience research shows that cognitive exercises create brain growth and strengthen neural connections which are essential for learning,  Strengthening of these connections can lead to enhanced performance in school or everyday life.
"The brain is no longer viewed  as a machine that is hardwired early in life, unable to adapt and destined to 'wear out' with age.  Instead, we learn that scientists are beginning to unlock the secrets of the powerful, lifelong, adaptability- or 'plasticity'-- of the brain.  The implications are enormous for treating neurological  disease, for addressing the aging process and for dramatic improvements in human performance." 
Jeff  Zimman

Our Goals:   To insure that each child achieves its full potential.  My success is in YOUR success!!

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Good morning Lori,

I didn't want to disturb you by phoning you, but I knew you'd like to know. Thanks to you and all your hard work, he picked up three C's to three A's, one D to a C, a B that remained the same, and unfortunately, a B in Science dropped down to a C. But, HEY...I'm very happy!!

Thanks so much.

Hey Lori,

I just wanted to let you know that he completed his homework last night and tonight without any trouble or frustration at all. So, something must be working.


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