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ActyBrain specializes in training specific skills that affect the capacity to learn.

What is the Interactive Metronome?

    IM is  a brain based rehabilitation assessment and training program developed to directly improve the processing abilities that affect attention, motor planning and sequencing.  This in turn, strengthens motor skills, including mobility and gross motor function and many fundamental cognitive  capacities such as planning, organizing and language.


     IM was developed in the early 1990's and immediately proved of great benefit to children diagnosed with learning and developmental disorders. Backed by years of clinical research and supported by prominent medical leaders in the industry, IM soon gained national attention as a breakthrough intervention to help those patients increase attention, concentration, coordination, language processing and control of impulsivity.

   Today, IM is in 1,700 clinics, hospitals and universities throughout the United States and Canada.  IM has received an abundance of media recognition including the CBS Early Show, CNN News, US News.

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Impaired Attention
Poor Mental Stamina
Poor Sequencing
Poor Time Management
Poor Memory
Poor Reasoning
Poor Cognitive Speed

*Focus and attend for longer periods of time
*Filter out internal and external distractions
*Language Processing
*Progressively improve coordinated performance.