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Auditory processing is a function of the brain.  Auditory processing describes the way the brain assigns significance and meaning to sounds in the environment.  Effective auditory process involves a relatively high speed of information transfer.  It also requires a good attention span, a well functioning memory.  When parts of the complex system break down, listening is compromised.   This does not include deafness.  It is important to note that in APD, the child can hear the sounds perfectly but can not process the meaning of the sound.  This disorder is not a reflection of the child's intellectual abilities, but specific auditory function.

     Auditory processing problems can lead to academic, emotional, cognitive and social challenges, including problems with the following: attention and concentration, speech, language,memory, communication, reading, sensory integration, coordination and musical ability.

What is The Listening Program?

     TLP  is a highly respected Auditory Training program among therapists, physicians and neurodevelopment specialists.  It is based on the  respected work of  Dr. Alfred A. Tomatis.  TLP is a music based auditory stimulation method that is an affordable, effective approach for enabling individuals with a broad range of challenges and abilities to achieve even more.  TLP's clinically proven approach gently trains the auditory system to accurately process sound. 

Symptoms that may indicate a listening dysfunction include:

  • Inability to listen effectively
  • Delayed Language Development
  • Easily Distracted
  • Inability to follow directions
  • Day Dreaming
  • Short attention Span
  • Poor short term auditory memory
  • Over-sensitive to certain sounds
  • Needs directions repeated or simplified
  • Delayed Speech and Language
  • Letter and Number Reversals
  • Reading, writing and spelling difficulties
  • trouble sequencing the sounds of words
  • Left and Right confusion
  • Low Self-esteem, or confidence


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